You Have Everything Except the Home You Want to Own

So What’s Stopping You From Buying a House

When I say you’ve got everything, I mean that you’ve got everything you need to purchase a home.  You’ve got good credit.  You’ve got money in the bank for earnest money, home inspection, appraisal, and sufficient down payment to purchase the home that you’ve been dreaming about.  So what’s stopping you? That’s the big question.  It may be that either you don’t know where to start or you maybe a little scared.  I’m hear to tell you that both of those can be overcome.  Either way, you can stop dreaming about becoming a home owner and start making that dream come true.

So Start With “Where to Start?”

Let’s talk about where to start your home search.  Ideally, you’ll want to contact a Birmingham real estate agent first.  Some would say contact a lender first, but let me tell you why it’s a good idea to start with selecting your real estate agent.  When you are buying a home, your real estate agent will be the “point” man/woman for everything.  In essence, the real estate agent is like the director of a movie.  The real estate agent guides you through the entire process of the home buying experience (even helping you to select a lender).  Of course no real estate agent can demand that you use a lender of their choosing, but understand this:  when we refer you to a lender, it’s likely because we’ve worked with that lender before and know of their good reputation and their ability to get a transaction to closing.

Knowledge is the Eliminator of Fear

Now I know you might be a little scared of taking a big step.  I completely understand.  Buying a home is a really big deal. But let me tell you, the more you know, the less fearful you’ll be.  You see knowledge is power and in this case a reliever of unwarranted stress.   Your real estate agent will be the primary person to explain to you how the entire home buying process goes and you’ll realize that it’s not such a scary thing after all.

Here are some articles that I’ve written that might help put you at ease.

Come on.  What you do you say?  Are you ready to make that call?  If nothing else, we can talk about what you can expect when it’s time to take that first step to buying or selling your Birmingham, Alabama home.

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