Every Home Has Its Price

Pricing is Key If you have a home that you want to sell and I mean really sell it and not just list it for sale, then you have to price it right. A fabulous home on the market will just languish if it is overpriced.  Sure people will be banging down the door to […]

Getting Around to Those Much Needed Updates

You Just Never Know When You’ll Want or Need to Sell Your House Who knew that just 6 short years ago, that the state of real estate would be in such turmoil.  Homeowners were happily nestled in their current homes.  Then out of nowhere (or so it seemed), they were faced with homes they couldn’t […]

Dear Unrepresented Seller a.k.a. For Sale by Owner

Dear Unrepresented Seller, I can appreciate your desire to sell your home yourself in an attempt to save money.  Lord knows we could all be a little more thrifty.  I also understand that you believe that we Realtors® don’t do much more than you can do yourself.  So much so that you can do it […]

Home Sellers Turn Home Buyers On NOT Off

  According to Realtor Mag Online, there are six surefire ways that home sellers can turn off home buyers quicker than anything.  Below is the list, but be sure to check out the article.  If your home is currently on the market, you may need to take a good, long, hard look at your home […]

Truth or Consequences in the Home Buying and Selling Process

Consequences of Decisions When Buying and Selling a Home   It’s always a shame when negotiations don’t result in a sale.  After all, you have a seller that wants to sell a home and by all appearances, a buyer interested in buying said home.  One would think that those offers would or could always result […]

Birmingham Home Sellers: Your Listing Has Expired – Now What?

Just Because Your Home Didn’t Sell, Doesn’t Mean That it Won’t Sell I must mention upfront that I’m sure your Birmingham real estate agent marketed your home to the best of their abilities so this is no disrespect to them. However, it may be small things in the efforts of agents that make a big […]

Buying and Selling a Home in Birmingham Alabama: A Question of Affordability

Buying and Selling a Home in Birmingham Alabama: A Question of Affordability. Buying and Selling a Home in Birmingham Alabama: A Question of Affordability Two of the most often asked questions by consumers are: 1.Is now a good time to buy a home and 2.Is now a good time to sell a home Both are excellent […]

Be Confident in the Home Buying and Selling Process

Buying & Selling: From Confident & Decisive to Uncertain & Indecisive Have you ever known a person that has always been full of confidence and then suddenly, for what ever reason, they can’t seem to make a decision. We see that a lot in real estate with both home buyers and home sellers.  People who […]

Pride Can Be a Deal Killer When Selling Your Home

It’s hard not to get offended when someone makes an offer that’s so off of the beaten path, that one can’t help but  be offended. Who can blame you for being offended, but here’s the deal:  take offense, calm down, regroup, think rationally and then counter. There now, isn’t that better.  Getting a low ball […]

All Things Considered Price, Location and Condition Will Sell a House Faster Than Anything

Price, Location and Condition The title of this post speaks for itself.  There really is no further explanation needed so this post is going to be quite brief. Birmingham-Hoover Home Sellers There isn’t much you can do about location if you are planning to sell your house .  Hopefully it’s in a prime location.  But […]

How Much Will You Take For This House?

Will The Seller Take $XXXXX.00 For This House? I get this a lot. Birmingham home buyers and their birmingham real estate agents will often verbally ask if a seller will accept a certain amount for a home that is listed in the Birmingham MLS. Not to be mean or discouraging, my answer is always the […]

Birmingham Alabama Home Sellers Would You Buy Your House?

An Out of Body Experience May be Needed to Answer This Question This may sound like a funny question, but it’s actually quite serious.  Let me ask it again and this time, I’d like for Birmingham Alabama home sellers to take just a minute to reflect  and then answer it.  Would you buy your house?  […]

Prepare Your House For Sale Like You’re Planning A Party for the Home Buyer

Prepare the House For Sale With the Guest of  Honor in Mind Think about it:  You’ve decided to sell your home.  Besides contacting and selecting a Birmingham real estate agent, one of the first things on your mind is a good old fashioned house cleaning.  You’ll want to make sure that the carpet is clean, […]

Want to Sell Your Birmingham Home? Then Pretend Like You Don’t Live There.

Selling Your Home From the Outside Looking In If you are planning to sell your Birmingham-Hoover area house, you’ll have to look long and hard at your house in order to  abandon some of your personal biases.  These very biases may interfere with your ability to view your home objectively. Sure I could say think […]

Selecting the Right Birmingham Real Estate Agent

Chemistry is Important When Selecting a Real Estate Agent If buying or selling a home in Birmingham Alabama is on your to do list, then it’s important that you chose a Metropolitan Birmingham-Hoover real estate agent that is knowledgeable about the process.  But it’s also important that good chemistry exist between the two of you or you AND the […]

Understanding the Nature of Home Buying and Selling Negotiations

I Couldn’t Care Less About What Your Client Thinks Birmingham real estate agents, home buyers and home sellers alike often utter these very words. And each time I hear it, I often think “Well you should.” How can you negotiate if you don’t consider the other party?” I believe that the dominant factor in good […]

A Birmingham Alabama Short Sale Could Mean Money in Your Pocket

It is perfectly understandable that the threat of a foreclosure can cause a considerable amount of stress for a homeowner.  Contributing factors include: Constant phone calls from bill collectors including your mortgage company Notices being posted on your door Your mail is overflowing with collection notices It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.  Foreclosure does not […]

Is Your Listing Pretending to be For Sale?

Don’t Be a Pretend Homeseller There are many ways that listing can be disguised as homes for sale, such as:  Grossly overpriced listings, lack of creativity in descriptions or no description at all, not enough info about the home itself in the description, lack of home features (where specific fields are available in the MLS), contact […]