Social Media and the Sale of Your Birmingham Home

Real Estate Social Media MarketingWhen you work with a Birmingham Alabama real estate agent who incorporates social media into their marketing mix, your listing is exposed to a broad spectrum.   Second only to pricing, nothing means more to you than maximum exposure of your property.

Real estate agents that have embraced Social Media believe in the power of real estate Social Networking to help maximize the potential of getting your home SOLD.   Social Media provides us with an endless opportunity to connect directly with buyers to bring the greatest amount of exposure to the properties of our sellers.

Social Media real estate agents build trust and confidence with the consuming public.   For example, when buyers and sellers discover Bham WIiRE Realty through our online content and in their own social media circles, we’ve already established a bond.

Why Social Media when selling your Birmingham home?

Real estate is a social business.   Networking is how we get a chance to meet people and tell them what we do — All day, every day.   It gives us an opportunity to reach out to others and build relationships borne out of mutual respect.  

Let’s say for example, you read my ActiveRain profile page or my blog, you decide to browse and read some of my blog posts designed to be helpful because it’s written with you in mind).   If you’ve read several of my blog posts, decide that you’d like to read more, and then decide to subscribe to my blog, you’ll actually be getting to know me in the process.

When you decide to buy a home or sell the one you own, it’s likely that you’ll feel more comfortable with the agent that you’ve become familiar with via their blog conversations. And don’t we all like to do business with people that we know?

Social Media Real Estate Agents

I  hope that as you read through my blog, you’ll find that I feel like I know you too. Good Social Media real estate agents listen to what buyers and sellers  ask and want to know and then they try to deliver this information across several blogging platforms.

Sticking a listing in the MLS just doesn’t work the magic that it once did. No, not anymore.   You’re listing should travel in the same circles as your agent (online and off).   Where we go, you go.   Consider Social Media real estate agents the town criers of the real estate community.

Anyone Know of a Good Social Media Real Estate Agent in Birmingham?

We’ll be shouting your listing repeatedly across the World Wide Web and we want everyone to know you’re here.   So if you live in the Metro Birmingham Alabama area and have friends, family and associates that ask:   “Anyone know of a good real estate agent in Birmingham?” then tell them to contact Charita Cadenhead by email or by phone.  If you live elsewhere, you can still contact me and I’ll refer you to a real estate agent in my Social Media network.

Birmingham-Hoover Metro Area Real Estate

Whether you’re looking to buy real estate your sell your existing property, call or send me and email today, so we can discuss how I can best serve your Birmingham-Hoover Metro area real estate needs!

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