Did You Know? By Birmingham Public Library Young Professional Board Member Sabrina Mays

Guest Blogger Sabrina Mays Presents:  Did You Know?

Sabrina MaysWhen you think of spoken word and beer, there may be a couple of places that come to mind.  For example a smoke filled bar or some other venue where groups of radicals hang out.   Never in a million years would you equate the combination of spoken word and beer with your local library.  Yes, the Birmingham Public Library (BPL) host a monthly Bards and Brews poetry series.  Don’t believe me? Come check it out for yourself this Friday, February 1st at Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest  from 6:30-9:00pm.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the most important part of all, It’s FREE! The Vestavia Hills Library is located at 1221 Montgomery Hwy Vestavia Hills, AL 35216.  For more info contact the library at (205) 978-0155

Birmingham Public Library is not just about books.  The BPL hosts and/or sponsors activities year round.  They offer something for everyone….young, old, rich or poor.

Did you know your local library has formed a Young Professionals Board which you can become a member?  Membership applications can be found on the BPL’s website.  The BPLYP Board also has a facebook page which may provide information on membership.

Did you know the library sponsored activities at the Krispy Kreme Donut Dash which was held last week in downtown Birmingham?

Did you know the library is celebrating the 50 Year Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement by publicly displaying Civil Rights era photographs.  There will be a FREE concert on March 7th with music from the same era?  The concert will be held at the Powderly Branch Library 3301 Jefferson Ave SW, Birmingham, AL 35221 at 6:00pm (205) 925-6178

Did you know that the Birmingham Public Library is so popular that they have friends? Yes, The Friends of the Birmingham Public Library?  The Friends of the Birmingham Public Library is a structured nonprofit association of individuals tasked with meeting the needs of the library through community activities and events. The Friends of the Birmingham Public Library enhances the operation of the library by improving services which are offered to us by the library.

I know it’s hard to believe right?  Don’t take my word for it.  The next time you think of just checking out a book at the library, you may want to check into the all the new, expressive ideas that are brewing.

Thinking about staying home and cuddling up with your Nook?  Instead, why don’t you get up, get out, and open your mind to the NEW Birmingham Public Library!

Hope to see you soon!

Sabrina Mays is a member of the BPL Young Professionals Board.  She serves her community through volunteerism and advocacy through such groups as The Birmingham Roundtable, First Light Women’s shelter, Beyond Boundaries, LLC, Mt. Pilgrim Youth Advisor, Upward Basketball Adult Volunteer.

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