Preparing to Sell – Turning Your Home Back Into a House

selling your birmingham home, Birmingham metro area realtorTurning a House into a Home

Buyers purchase houses and then turn it into a home.  They get excited and giddy about the many ways that they’ll make a house a home.   Decorating ideas never cease.   Thoughts flood the brain so much so that one can hardly contain their excitement about putting their personal stamp on a house they’ll be calling home.

But What If You’re Selling a Home?

Selling a house can be a wave of emotions.  Think about all of the love that’s gone into the process.  Your signature adorns every square inch of the house that you’ve come to know as home.   Besides the effort to make your home a sanctuary, it’s likely that you’ve raised children in the home and perhaps even raising grandchildren in that very same home.   Love actually bounces of the walls upon entry.   And now you’ve decision to sell your home.   For many, this decision is not one arrived at in an impromptu fashion.   It’s likely the decision was the culmination of months (or even longer) of contemplation.

So What’s There to Contemplate?

There is lot to contemplate. For starters, you have to prepare yourself for the emotional aspects of “letting go” of your personal attachment to the house during the listing and selling phase.  It’s just as tough to decide to sell for some people as it is to decide to buyer for others.  As a seller, this is home and you wonder if any other dwelling place could ever don that affectionate label.

Getting Past Emotions and Getting the House Sold

Wow. That’s a task that may be easier said than done.   But you can do it.   If you have decided to sell, trust that you can bring yourself to cast those sentiments aside long enough to turn the home back into a house that will attract the greatest number of buyers?   You have to realize that memories are not housed within the confines of the framing.   Memories travel with those that have created them.   In other words: memories are portable.  By thinking of it that way, the heart won’t seem so heavy.

Turning Your Home Back Into a House

The challenge here is finding ways to detach.   Here are just a few ideas:

  • Find comfort in the fact that a new family will make memories in the house that will soon become their home
  • When re-dressing the house, consider the blank slate that you started with before you made it a home (buyers will appreciate the effort and it will be easier for them to envision themselves living there).
  • Store away some of those memories in boxes so that when the house is sold, you will have already conquered half of the battle.  By beginning the process of boxing up memories such as family photos, the kids plaques and trophies, heirlooms that have been handed down from generation to generation, you will begin to get a better picture of the task at hand:   preparing the house the sell.
  • Once a good bit of memories have been stored away, it will be easier for you to develop a plan of action to neutralize the house.   A good place to start would be wall color.   If you have walls that are anything other than the neutral shades of whites or beiges, then the utmost consideration should be given to changing the wall color.   Buyers may view painting every wall in the house as an overarching task that they just don’t want to take on
  • Consider using the objective eye of a home stager.   People on the outside looking in are not clouded by the attachment that you have.   Besides, they’ve seen and created dozens or even hundreds of atmospheres that have aided in the sale of a house.

These are just a few of the ways that a homeowner can transition a home back to a house so that it becomes appealing to buyers while at the same time making it less painful for the you to part ways.

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Whether you’re looking to buy real estate your sell your existing property, call or send me and email today, so we can discuss how I can best serve your Birmingham-Hoover Metro area real estate needs!

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