Prepare Your House For Sale Like You’re Planning A Party for the Home Buyer

Prepare the House For Sale With the Guest of  Honor in Mind

Think about it:  You’ve decided to sell your home.  Besides contacting and selecting a Birmingham real estate agent, one of the first things on your mind is a good old fashioned house cleaning.  You’ll want to make sure that the carpet is clean, clutter is reduced, furniture is polished, floors are sparkling and things of that nature.  In your mind, once you’ve done all of that, you believe your Birmingham area house is list and show ready.  You’ve done everything that you could think of to make the home look neat and clean as far as you could see.

But What About the Guest of Honor?

While you go through the motions and thought processes of selling your Birmingham Alabama home, at the forefront of your mind should be the potential Metro Birmingham-Hoover home buyer.  After all, that’s who you are really going through all of this trouble for, right?  Well I mean besides the obvious need or reason for selling.  Everything that you do to prepare your house for sale should be done with potential home buyers in mind.

If these walls could talk:  when cleaning the walls and trim or painting,  consider if the color choice would appear to the broadest audience.  If you are asking yourself whether or not you should paint the walls, then you probably should.

When reducing clutter,  choose wisely where and how you will store the excess household items.  Perhaps a short term rented storage space may be necessary.  Home buyers like to be able to clearly see the available space (not envision the space through the clutter)

Closet space is vitally important.  Are your closets jam packed and do you view this as being evident of its huge capacity?  Well too much stuff in a closet can actually make the closet look smaller.  Remove items that are not in season and store them elsewhere.  Home buyers want to know that the closet space will be sufficient to store their current and future belongings.Neatly box  up articles and place them in an area that is designed for or can easily be used for storage.  Make sure the space that you chose to store the items will not interfere with a potential home buyers ability to visualize the use of the room for something other than storage.

Curb Appeal should be like the doorman at a fine hotel:  welcoming.  If the yard is full of leaves, rake them.  If the grass and hedges are overgrown on lack balance, cut and/or trim them.  When home buyers get home at the end of the day, all they want to do is relax.  A yard full of leaves,overgrown grass and bushes will instantly conjure up visions of “work” for the home buyer.

Update the Outdated Features

Updating outdated features of a home is probably the most important aspect to consider when preparing to sell your Birmingham Alabama home.  Not everyone can afford to do a vast overhaul of the kitchen and bathroom.  Ideally, a home owner will update their home while they are “living” in it and ensuring that the home’s features keep up with the times.  Rarely does a decorative style transcend from one decade to another.  By periodically updating your home , you won’t run the risk of having to come up with thousands of dollars at once, to do a job that could have been completed over time.  If you’re thinking about selling your home in the future and your home is currently in need of updating, start planning the work now and accomplish the updates over time.  Give yourself a year or more if necessary, but don’t let procrastination stall the sale of your home.

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