Sellers Have You Seen the Competition You’re Up Against?

 Sellers Have You Seen the Competition You're Up Against? Sellers do you often wonder why the house down the street or around the corner sold and why your home hasn’t had so much as a ridiculous offer?

Have you ever wondered why the house for sale down the street gets so much traffic and yours doesn’t. Well if you haven’t seen your competition, then maybe you should.

Within every neighborhood there are dozens upon dozens of homes for sale. And among them, open houses are routine occurrence. As a seller you should view open houses as great opportunities to:

  1. See what advantages the competition has over your own listed property.
  2. Get ideas about sprucing up your listing so that it shows better.
  3. Learn what advantages your home has over the competition and use that information to your advantage.
  4. Listen (eavesdrop) on what other visitors like and don’t like about the open house they are current viewing.
  5. Identify ways that you can tweak your homes strengths so that they really standout during showings
  6. Pick up on ideas about attractive colors and color schemes (you might even be encourage to tweak your own color palette to make your home show better).
  7. Check out the comps curb appeal and upon returning to your own home, look at your home from the street and envision what prospects might see when they look at your house.

 Sellers Have You Seen the Competition You're Up Against? Open houses aren’t just for your own home. You should take advantage of your Sunday and Saturday afternoons to check out the competition at your local open houses.

How about on that Sunday or Saturday when your house is being shown, instead of browsing around the mall, why don’t you browse around other open houses.

Who knows, you might even have an epiphany.

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