Get Your House in Order

Get Your House in Order.  Do it today.  Get your house in order. Do it right away.
Get Your House in Order Why? Because people will be coming, to see what your agent has raved about in the MLS and other marketing efforts.

I’ve added a little twist to one of my favorite songs by Dottie Peoples (Get your house in order) but the title is certainly fitting when homeowners decide to sell their homes.

Okay so let’s say you’ve decided to sell your home. Other than deciding on a real estate agent or company, what else is flowing through your mind. You go through the effort of checking out agents and companies.

I know price has got to be at the top of your mind. You’ve got a wonderful home I’m sure, but will it appeal to the necessary masses to attract a buyer. If not, what can you do so that it does appeal to a larger pool of potential homebuyers?

Much of your search and research probably begins on the Internet. But besides looking for an agent, are you also looking for tips that will help YOU prep your home and aide you in your quest to sell your home.

I’ve listed some important key phrases below and have linked them to their Google search results. These helpful searches can start you on your way to getting that home sold. I’m sure you can come up with a few more key search terms if need be but this should get you on the right track to Getting Your House in Oder:

You also might want to read my post entitled “Did You Know That Selling Your Home Requires Your Participation?” Anyway, you get the picture and the above links should get you started and I’ll bet you’ll find some things that you hadn’t thought of. Don’t you just love it when that happens.

You can save a lot of precious marketing time by beginning the prep work before you interview your first real estate agent. If you don’t, they’ll be making some of the same suggestions as you’ll find during the above searches.

Do yourself a favor and stay ahead of the game. So if you’re planning to put your house on the market or just want to do a little spring cleaning, don’t procrastinate.  Instead….

Get Your House in Order. Do it today. Get your house in order. Do it right away.

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