Foreclosure Sales Then and Now

2013 vs 2015 Foreclosure Sales

May 2015 Foreclosure Sales

May 2015 Foreclosure Sales

What a difference 2 years makes.  In 2013 both owner occupant homebuyers and real estate investors had the cream of the foreclosure sales crop to choose from. The foreclosure landscape has seen a dramatic decrease since 2013.

Today not only are foreclosure prices listed closer to market value, homebuyers are realizing that they aren’t that great deal that they’ve heard about in recent years past.

Rather than looking for a foreclosure, particularly at today’s price points, it’s a good idea to not limit your home search to foreclosures only.  By not limiting your options you’ll stand a greater chance of finding a home in less time which often equates to less stress as well.

Are there still some bargains out there?  Of course there are but just make sure that your sights and expectations are on par with the market data available. Otherwise, your home search will be one agonizing ride particularly if this is your first home.


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