Downtown Birmingham Alabama Has Replaced Parking Meters With Pay Stations

No More Parking Meters.  Just Reminders

Parking on the streets of Downtown Birmingham, AL just got a new twist.  I had not been Downtown in a while and was surprised that there were no parking meetings as I was parking on Park Place.  The meter poles were all cleanly cut in half and there was a sign on each meter post with a number on in and a reminder to pay for parking at a pay station.

I didn’t know what a pay station was and I couldn’t find it.  As it turns out, the Pay Station was right by my car and I had totally missed it.  At any rate, you pay for your parking and a ticket is printed (apparently for you to place on your car’s windshield).  Crazy me, I didn’t really know what to do with the ticket so I put it in my back pocket (duh?).  Lucky for me when I returned to my car, there was no parking ticket on it so there was an immediate sigh of relief.  Especially since there were 2 men standing right by my car as they were emptying the pay station.

At any rate, I thought the pay station was pretty cool and apparently there is one Pay Station for every 3 or 4 parked cars and the printed tickets even tell you what time your meter runs out (to the minute).

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