Always Seek Clarification of Real Estate Contracts

Ambiguity Has No Place in a Sales Contract Negotiating offers on the purchase of a home and final contracts are never about what someone told you. Rather’s it’s all about what you’ve gotten in writing. Birmingham home buyers and home sellers should seek clarification of items in writing if the existing language is ambiguous. One […]

Here’s the Skinny on Short Sales, Market Value and List Prices

What You Should Know About Short Sale List Prices and Market Values Short Sale Education First a little short sale education may be in order.  Sometimes even when people think they know what a short sale is, they really want someone who actually knows, to explain it to them.  That’s where I come in. Short […]

Wish List for the YWCA Santa’s Workshop of Central Alabama

YWCA Santa’s Workshop Wish List at Amazon and Target Online Reading and having access to books is something that many of us may take for granted. But how about those that may have limited resources and access to the fundamentals of reading.  Well that’s where the YWCA’s Sant’a Workshop comes into the picture.  The YWCA’s Santa’s Workshop […]

What to do When Your Birmingham Real Estate Listing Has Expired

Wake Up and Smell the Sold Listings I know discouragement may have set in because your Birmingham real estate listing has expired and there is no buyer prospect in sight (that you know of). When I talk to home owners whose MLS listings have expired, I always ask why they think their home didn’t sell, the answer […]

Pride Can Be a Deal Killer When Selling Your Home

It’s hard not to get offended when someone makes an offer that’s so off of the beaten path, that one can’t help but  be offended. Who can blame you for being offended, but here’s the deal:  take offense, calm down, regroup, think rationally and then counter. There now, isn’t that better.  Getting a low ball […]

Protest Jefferson County Annual Property Tax Valuations

Jefferson County has gotten pretty clever.  I’ll bet many of you didn’t even realize that it’s that time of the year to protest your Annual Property Tax Valuations.  You see, if your property taxes didn’t increase, then Jefferson County didn’t mail you an Annual Tax Valuation.  Pretty darn slick wouldn’t you say.  But that doesn’t […]

Short Sales and the Sound of Music

Attached is Your Short Sale Approval Letter It’s like the sound of Now getting to closing is the last hurdle. Whether you’re looking to buy real estate your sell your existing property, call or send me and email today, so we can discuss how I can best serve your Birmingham-Hoover Metro area real estate needs! Exceptional Service Because You Deserve It! Charita […]

Birmingham Real Estate Investors Better Bring Your A-Game

Flipping Houses in Birmingham, Alabama If you are planning to flip houses in Birmingham, Alabama you would be well advised to bring your A-Game.  I would highly recommend that you take a look at the work that your competition is doing if you truly plan to compete in today’s market.  The Birmingham real estate investor […]

All Things Considered Price, Location and Condition Will Sell a House Faster Than Anything

Price, Location and Condition The title of this post speaks for itself.  There really is no further explanation needed so this post is going to be quite brief. Birmingham-Hoover Home Sellers There isn’t much you can do about location if you are planning to sell your house .  Hopefully it’s in a prime location.  But […]

How Much Will You Take For This House?

Will The Seller Take $XXXXX.00 For This House? I get this a lot. Birmingham home buyers and their birmingham real estate agents will often verbally ask if a seller will accept a certain amount for a home that is listed in the Birmingham MLS. Not to be mean or discouraging, my answer is always the […]

Birmingham Alabama Home Sellers Would You Buy Your House?

An Out of Body Experience May be Needed to Answer This Question This may sound like a funny question, but it’s actually quite serious.  Let me ask it again and this time, I’d like for Birmingham Alabama home sellers to take just a minute to reflect  and then answer it.  Would you buy your house?  […]

Prepare Your House For Sale Like You’re Planning A Party for the Home Buyer

Prepare the House For Sale With the Guest of  Honor in Mind Think about it:  You’ve decided to sell your home.  Besides contacting and selecting a Birmingham real estate agent, one of the first things on your mind is a good old fashioned house cleaning.  You’ll want to make sure that the carpet is clean, […]

Want to Sell Your Birmingham Home? Then Pretend Like You Don’t Live There.

Selling Your Home From the Outside Looking In If you are planning to sell your Birmingham-Hoover area house, you’ll have to look long and hard at your house in order to  abandon some of your personal biases.  These very biases may interfere with your ability to view your home objectively. Sure I could say think […]

January 2012 Birmingham-Hoover Foreclosure Market Report

January 2012 Foreclosure Report The Birmingham-Hoover Alabama Metro forclosures in January 2012 was 227, compared to 594 non-foreclosutre sales.  As a percentage, that translates to 38% of all sales in January 2012 with an average sales price of $82,323 (while the average non-foreclosure price was $208,201.  The average price for all sales in January 2012 was […]

Selecting the Right Birmingham Real Estate Agent

Chemistry is Important When Selecting a Real Estate Agent If buying or selling a home in Birmingham Alabama is on your to do list, then it’s important that you chose a Metropolitan Birmingham-Hoover real estate agent that is knowledgeable about the process.  But it’s also important that good chemistry exist between the two of you or you AND the […]

Understanding the Nature of Home Buying and Selling Negotiations

I Couldn’t Care Less About What Your Client Thinks Birmingham real estate agents, home buyers and home sellers alike often utter these very words. And each time I hear it, I often think “Well you should.” How can you negotiate if you don’t consider the other party?” I believe that the dominant factor in good […]

HAFA, HAMP, Short Sale: Alternatives to Looming Foreclosure

 Alternatives to Foreclosure Part II I’ve already discussed the HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) which is a program designed to help troubled home owners lower their monthly mortgage payments.  You can read the HAMP post at your leisure.  If you are a Birmingham Alabama home owner, you need to know that there is help for you. […]

HAMP, HAFA, Short Sale: Alternatives to a Looming Foreclosure

Living with the threat of a foreclosure over your head would be enough to drive anyone into a panic.  As a Birmingham Alabama home owner, you need to know that you have options when it comes to skirting foreclosure. Three alternatives that are available to you are the HAMP, HAFA and Short Sale of your […]

A Birmingham Alabama Short Sale Could Mean Money in Your Pocket

It is perfectly understandable that the threat of a foreclosure can cause a considerable amount of stress for a homeowner.  Contributing factors include: Constant phone calls from bill collectors including your mortgage company Notices being posted on your door Your mail is overflowing with collection notices It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.  Foreclosure does not […]

Social Media and the Sale of Your Birmingham Home

LEAVE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY TO AGENTS When you work with a Birmingham Alabama real estate agent who incorporates social media into their marketing mix, your listing is exposed to a broad spectrum.   Second only to pricing, nothing means more to you than maximum exposure of your property. Real estate agents that have embraced Social Media believe […]

Ready, Willing and Able Applies to Both Birmingham Home Buyers and Sellers

“Ready, willing AND able”: we hear it all of the time. But what does it mean and how is it relevant to you as a Birmingham Alabama home buyer or seller. In real estate, the term is mostly used with buyers, but in addition to being ready and willing, Birmingham homes sellers must also be ABLE […]

Preparing to Sell – Turning Your Home Back Into a House

Turning a House into a Home Buyers purchase houses and then turn it into a home.  They get excited and giddy about the many ways that they’ll make a house a home.   Decorating ideas never cease.   Thoughts flood the brain so much so that one can hardly contain their excitement about putting their personal […]

Sellers Have You Seen the Competition You’re Up Against?

Sellers do you often wonder why the house down the street or around the corner sold and why your home hasn’t had so much as a ridiculous offer? Have you ever wondered why the house for sale down the street gets so much traffic and yours doesn’t. Well if you haven’t seen your competition, then […]

Get Your House in Order

Get Your House in Order.  Do it today.  Get your house in order. Do it right away. Why? Because people will be coming, to see what your agent has raved about in the MLS and other marketing efforts. I’ve added a little twist to one of my favorite songs by Dottie Peoples (Get your house […]

Thinking About Selling Your Home Yourself? This outta get you started!

IF YOU’VE GOT THIS KIND OF TIME ON YOUR HANDS! Selling your home yourself can be overwhelming if you don’t do it everyday. You see, we don’t just put a sign in your yard. We put it around the world and follow it up with a shout out to ALL of our friends, family and […]

Is Your Listing Pretending to be For Sale?

Don’t Be a Pretend Homeseller There are many ways that listing can be disguised as homes for sale, such as:  Grossly overpriced listings, lack of creativity in descriptions or no description at all, not enough info about the home itself in the description, lack of home features (where specific fields are available in the MLS), contact […]

Relist Your Expired Listing

Just Because Your Home Didn’t Sell…. I have a sneaking suspicion that you still really want to sell that home that you had listed earlier this year or even last year.  A lot may have changed since the listing expired or since you made the decision to cancel it. Here are some considerations that may help […]