Annual Property Tax Valuations

Well it’s that time of year again. By now property owners have received those pesky little yellow property tax valuation cards in the mail. Hey I don’t blame you for being excited about your $50,000 house being worth $150,000. Heck who wouldn’t be excited? Good Question I’m so glad you asked. The people who know […]

Home for Sale in Beautiful Chapel Hills Community

Check out the low-maintenance requirements of this 1612-SF brick home in Fultondale’s ethestically pleasing Chapel Hills Community. It’s convenient to dining, shopping, minutes from freeway. Great features include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, master suite with dual sinks, his-and-her closets, walk-in closet for lots of clothes, separate shower, welcoming great room with hardwood floors, fireplace for […]

October 2018 Market Report for Fairfield Alabama

October 2018 Home Sales for Fairfield, Alabama PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BIRMINGHAM MLS GIVES AGENTS UNTIL THE 5TH OF THE MONTH TO POST THE PREVIOUS MONTH’S SALES SO THIS NUMBER MAY INCREASE. Fairfield homes sale are still consistent with what we’ve seen in the past several months.  In this report I did combine foreclosure and non-foreclosure sales.  Of […]

Is Your House Pretending to Be For Sale

Don’t Be a Pretend Homeseller There are many ways that a house can be disguised as being for sale, such as: Grossly overpriced Lack of creativity in descriptions or no description at all Not enough info about the home itself in the description Lack of home features (where specific fields are available in the MLS), […]

Fresh Start, New City: The Birmingham Job Search Edition

Fresh Start, New City: The Birmingham Job Search Edition By Sydney Frazer This article was originally posted on the Renew Refresh Reset Your Life blog, but has been slightly modified for posting here.  I want to thank Sydney Frazer for providing all of the useful information below. ~ Charita H. Cadenhead I have rounded up […]

Investment Property in 35228 for $15,000 (SOLD – $17,500)

6101 Owen Street Birmingham AL 35228 This investment property is well priced at just $15,000 based on size, location, condition and recent sales of similar properties.  You won’t find a better bargain in the area for a property in this condition. Don’t take my word for it, contact me or your agent to set up […]

Tips From RE Investor Brian Trippe

5 Things an investor looks for when buying residential properties Everyone wants to be an investor, right? We are living in the golden age of real estate investing. Just look at the most popular shows on television right now. Everyone wants to Flip This House. I don’t know about you, but Pinterest has become a […]

You’re Pre-qualified to Buy a Home

How do You Know If You Don’t Inquire? I meet so many homebuyers and potential homebuyers that don’t believe that they can qualify to buy a house.  In some cases, they absolutely are in no position to purchase.  However, you have those potential buyers that are making assumptions that just aren’t true.  Some examples are: […]

The Myth: Selling During the Holiday Season

Why List Your Home During the Holiday? The number 1 reason to list and keep your house on the market during the holiday season is because there is likely to be less competition.  You see people have believed the myth that having a home on the market during the holidays is a bad time of […]

Congrats to My First Time Homebuyer

First Time Homebuyer I want to thank my client, Mrs. Harris so much for her determination, decisiveness and cooperation. She was an absolute a dream client. She knew from the very beginning which house she wanted and even though we looked at a few, she refused to keep looking because as I said, she knew […]

Homebuying 101: Where to Start

Home Buying:  What do I do First One of the first things that first-time home buyers often say to me is “I’ve been thinking about buying a home for a while but I didn’t know where to start.”  I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world when I hear those words.  Not because […]

Have You Spoken With a Lender Yet? It’s Not a Trick Question.

Connection With a Lender is a Key First Step Have You Spoken With a Lender Yet?  It’s Not a Trick Question. It seems that nothing turns off a prospective home buyer faster than being asked the question:  Have you spoken with a lender yet? For some reason, home buyers become defensive when real estate agents ask […]

Foreclosure Sales Then and Now

2013 vs 2015 Foreclosure Sales What a difference 2 years makes.  In 2013 both owner occupant homebuyers and real estate investors had the cream of the foreclosure sales crop to choose from. The foreclosure landscape has seen a dramatic decrease since 2013. Today not only are foreclosure prices listed closer to market value, homebuyers are […]

Staging for the Sale of Your Home

Staging for the Buyer Not the Seller One of the biggest mistakes that a seller can make when it comes to staging their home for sell is to stage it for their own personal taste instead of staging the house for potential buyers.  In order to help frame this concept, here are two things that […]

2.91 Acre Lot for Sale in Pinson’s Shadow Ridge

8519 Scenic Ridge Drive $17,000 Highly Motivated Seller. 3+- beautiful acres located on private cul-de-sac. This lot is perfect for someone that cherishes privacy and appreciates nature. You can sit high and look low. If you dread the thought of being 3 feet from your neighbor’s door, you’re going to love this parcel of land. […]

3.01 Acre Lot for Sale in Pinson’s Shadow Ridge

3.01 Acre Lot at 8515 Scenic Ridge Drive Highly Motivated Seller. 3+- beautiful acres located on private cul-de-sac. This lot is perfect for someone that cherishes privacy and appreciates nature. You can sit high and look low. If you dread the thought of being 3 feet from your neighbor’s door, you’re going to love this […]

Every Home Has Its Price

Pricing is Key If you have a home that you want to sell and I mean really sell it and not just list it for sale, then you have to price it right. A fabulous home on the market will just languish if it is overpriced.  Sure people will be banging down the door to […]

Market Report: Metro Birmingham Foreclosure Report

Foreclosures Are Dwindling in Birmingham Area Foreclosure homes sales are declining in the Metro Birmingham Area and that’s great news for homeowners and home values. We’re not down to zero yet and we never will be.  However, the areas foreclosures are slim pickings these days.

Furniture for Sale in McCalla Alabama

Moving Sale This homeowner is preparing for a future transition and some of the furnishing must go prior to the transition.  If you are looking to furnish your home but do not want break the bank.  For $1800 OBO, here’s what you get: Living room and dining room furniture including  sofa, loveseat, cocktail table, end […]

Getting Around to Those Much Needed Updates

You Just Never Know When You’ll Want or Need to Sell Your House Who knew that just 6 short years ago, that the state of real estate would be in such turmoil.  Homeowners were happily nestled in their current homes.  Then out of nowhere (or so it seemed), they were faced with homes they couldn’t […]

Pending and Contingent Sales in Gardendale Alabama

Who Wants to Live in Gardendale, Alabama? Well I don’t really get that exact question, but people do ask “how are home sales in Gardendale?” so I thought I’d show rather than tell. As of today, September 4, 2013, it looks like a total of 27 people (or families) want to live in Gardendale, Alabama.  How […]

Dear Unrepresented Seller a.k.a. For Sale by Owner

Dear Unrepresented Seller, I can appreciate your desire to sell your home yourself in an attempt to save money.  Lord knows we could all be a little more thrifty.  I also understand that you believe that we Realtors® don’t do much more than you can do yourself.  So much so that you can do it […]

Is There Such a Thing as Timing the Real Estate Market?

Can You Really Time the Market? According to a Realtor Mag online article, prospective home buyers and still at bay about stepping out a buying a home.  The article suggest that prospective home buyers are attempting to “time the market” for the perfect time to buy a home. What is Timing the Market? For clarification […]

Birmingham Housing Inventory on the Rise

For years, Metro Birmingham  Realtors® have been shouting the message “now is a good time to buy.”  However, of late, there has been a shortage of homes for sale in the Birmingham housing market, and our new message is “now is a good time to sell.”  But wait, even as I write, there has been […]

The Return of Home Equity: It’s a Beautiful Thing

So What’s Your Home Worth? Today, Realtor Magazine Online reports that home equity is on the rise. For Metropolitan Birmingham, Alabama home owners and sellers, that’s the best news I’m sure you’ve heard in years.  The article indicates that “the total to 1.7 million borrowers who have regained positive equity in the past year.” As the song […]

Home Sellers Turn Home Buyers On NOT Off

  According to Realtor Mag Online, there are six surefire ways that home sellers can turn off home buyers quicker than anything.  Below is the list, but be sure to check out the article.  If your home is currently on the market, you may need to take a good, long, hard look at your home […]

Truth or Consequences in the Home Buying and Selling Process

Consequences of Decisions When Buying and Selling a Home   It’s always a shame when negotiations don’t result in a sale.  After all, you have a seller that wants to sell a home and by all appearances, a buyer interested in buying said home.  One would think that those offers would or could always result […]

It’s Only a Lowball Offer if the Home is Priced Right

It’s Only a Lowball Offer if the Home is Price Right When offers are made and presented, the one thing that we all have to remember is that a lowball offer is only a lowball offer if the house is properly priced.  If the home is overpriced from the start, then everyone will have to prepare themselves for: Seller denial, […]

Home Sellers: Pulling a Permit is For Your Protection. It’s Not a Threat.

Pulling a Permit is For Your Protection.  It’s Not a Threat. How often have we heard a contractor say “well if we do that, we’re going to have to pull a permit?”  Or in some cases, they perform work without even mentioning the need for a permit and unsuspecting home owners have no checks and […]

This is Why Now is a Good Time to Sell Your Birmingham Home

Why Sell Now?   For the last five years, all you’ve heard is that it’s a buyer’s market.   For the past five years, the Birmingham real estate market has been flooded with homes for sale.   Home owners trying to sell their homes had so much competition that it was almost like a cattle call and […]

Birmingham Home Sellers: Your Listing Has Expired – Now What?

Just Because Your Home Didn’t Sell, Doesn’t Mean That it Won’t Sell I must mention upfront that I’m sure your Birmingham real estate agent marketed your home to the best of their abilities so this is no disrespect to them. However, it may be small things in the efforts of agents that make a big […]

Short Sales DO Sell

Short Sales DO Sell You may have heard talk of short sales before and either you didn’t get a good understanding of what a short sale really is or you simply thought that any effort to sell your home would be fruitless. First for those that are not familiar with short sales:  a short sale is […]

Birmingham Home Sellers: Are You Committed to Selling Your Home?

So You’ve Decided to Sell Your Home This message is for home sellers everywhere, but particularly home sellers in the Metropolitan Birmingham, AL area. Have you decided that you want to sell your home this year?  Or if your previous listing has expired, are you thinking about relisting you home for sale?  If so, please keep […]

Bypassing the Home Inspection Could Cost You

If You Think the Home Inspection Cost Too Much Just wait until you get the bill for the repairs (after the closing).  No matter whether I am working with an investor buyer, owner occupant, first time home buyer or buyers that have purchased several homes. I am always going to encourage them to get a […]

Birmingham Investment Properties Under $15,000

[idx-listings linkid=”231602″ count=”40″ showlargerphotos=”true”]       Charita Cadenhead is a licensed Realtor® in the State of Alabama since 2006, serving the Metro Birmingham market.  In 2007, she founded Bham WIiRE (Birmingham Women Investing in Real Estate). Bham WIiRE consisted of women interested in real estate investing, but later the focus expanded to include all women […]

Buying and Selling a Home in Birmingham Alabama: A Question of Affordability

Buying and Selling a Home in Birmingham Alabama: A Question of Affordability. Buying and Selling a Home in Birmingham Alabama: A Question of Affordability Two of the most often asked questions by consumers are: 1.Is now a good time to buy a home and 2.Is now a good time to sell a home Both are excellent […]

Birmingham Alabama Makes the Today Show’s Top 6 Things To Do In 2013

Birmingham Celebrates 50 Years of Civil Rights When it comes the top list of anything good, everyone wants to be in that number.  But when that “Top” list is the city that you live it, you get to share in community pride. Two thousand thirteen marks the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement.  It’s […]

Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price!

Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price!   For home sellers everywhere, particularly home sellers in the Metropolitan Birmingham, AL area, “Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price!” contains some of the most widely used and successful strategies to do just what the title suggest.  It takes a highly motivated seller to get their […]

Your Buyer Will Need to Sign The Seller’s Specific Short Sale Addendum

The Short Sale Addendum Even as Birmingham, Alabama short sales continue to be a significant part of the real estate landscape, they are still a mystery to the vast majority of buyers as well as some real estate agents. Off the top, both short sale buyers and short sale sellers should know that there are […]

Be Confident in the Home Buying and Selling Process

Buying & Selling: From Confident & Decisive to Uncertain & Indecisive Have you ever known a person that has always been full of confidence and then suddenly, for what ever reason, they can’t seem to make a decision. We see that a lot in real estate with both home buyers and home sellers.  People who […]