Birmingham Home Sellers: Your Listing Has Expired – Now What?

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Just Because Your Home Didn’t Sell, Doesn’t Mean That it Won’t Sell

I must mention upfront that I’m sure your Birmingham real estate agent marketed your home to the best of their abilities so this is no disrespect to them. However, it may be small things in the efforts of agents that make a big difference.  Below is some food for thought.

Allow Your Birmingham Real Estate Listings to Get Exposed to More People (Spheres of Influence)

Every agent has a sphere of influence which is basically people that we know, network and/or socialize with.  Like everyone else, yourself included, we all have different spheres or connections. When you change agents, you open up the scope and number of people that your home is exposed to.  In essence you become a part of a new sphere, your own sphere is broadened and your listing is exposed to a greater number of people.

Creativity plays a major role in marketing. Perhaps the marketing for your listing just needs a new spin or twist from a fresh perspective.  A new creative team may be necessary in order to freshen up and re-energize a stale listing. A new excitement may be needed to rejuvenate interest in your home.

Positioning Birmingham Real Estate Listings in the Current Market?

Here are just a few things to consider to heighten the chances of selling your Birmingham home this time around:

  • There is no question that a new market analysis is necessary to see if the Birmingham home has been priced right and modified accordingly based on shifts in the market during the previous listing period. Don’t let this deter you because this doesn’t always translate into a price drop.  When armed with accurate comps of homes that have sold since your own has been listed, it should make you wonder why one house sold and yours didn’t.
  • Don’t forget that selling your Birmingham home is a process and requires, not only a plan but regular review and modification (if necessary).
  • Consider being open for change.  That may involve tipping the scales of your comfort zone. It may be exactly what you and your Birmingham home need to get it off the market as SOLD.

And finally, in addition to a new Birmingham real estate agent or agent team, make sure that you

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Whether you’re looking to buy real estate your sell your existing property, call or send me and email today, so we can discuss how I can best serve your Birmingham-Hoover Metro area real estate needs!

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  1. Charita, I have prepared recent appraisals for homeowners after they listed their home on the market and could not sell it. Invariably it comes down to pricing the home and in these situations the home was not priced correctly. Either the comps were not “good” comps:l ie-they were too old, too far away (in different part of town that is not similar to the subject), or were just not physically similar to the subject. I had an agent use a new home with basement and pool as a comp for a slab home and no pool. Agents must know what comps are acceptable and the ones that loan underwriters will accept. If you need someone to speak at a sales meeting to explain some of these things please let me know, I would be glad to help you out.

    • Charita Cadenhead says

      Thanks Tom for that valuable input. I can totally relate to your reference to physically dissimilar homes. In my opinion, that stems from an agent not being educated on how to derive at comparable properties. Another huge problem that I see is when I try to determine where the agent may have gotten comps from, is that inevitably they are getting them from active listings as opposed to sold homes (and it’s obvious). It doesn’t matter whether it’s homeowner denial or agent fear of presenting seller with factual data, overpriced listings do nothing to improve the market or sell the home.

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