This is Why Now is a Good Time to Sell Your Birmingham Home

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Expired Listings Can Be Sold

Expired Listings Can Be Sold

For the last five years, all you’ve heard is that it’s a buyer’s market.   For the past five years, the Birmingham real estate market has been flooded with homes for sale.   Home owners trying to sell their homes had so much competition that it was almost like a cattle call and every home owner, if they were smart, made sure that their homes were show ready and in the best light.  For the past 5 years, Birmingham, Alabama home buyers have been able to choose the pick of the litter and take their sweet time in making decisions about the homes that they wanted to make offers on.  Well it looks like those days are gone, at least for now.

You see, the Birmingham real estate market is experiencing somewhat of a listing drought.  Make no mistake, as a Birmingham Alabama home seller, you still have to make sure that your home is in the best possible shape, show ready when you get the call and make sure that you are prepared to out-show the competition.  Oh and about that competition:  the bad news is that you still have competition.  The great news is that you have a lot less of it.  I would hope that would be enough great news to set you on a trail to get that home ready for listing day.

Let me just break it down a little further in the form of a question:  Would you rather have your home on the market with 40 other homes in your neighborhood and compete for the one buyer (like it has been for the past five years)?  Or would you rather have your home on the market and only have to compete with only 20 homes in your neighborhood? See what I mean?

So if you have been thinking about selling your  Metropolitan Birmingham, Alabama  home or if you had your home previously listed and your listing expired, then after reading this post, you should be feeling very inspired, highly motivated and excited about an opportunity to sell you home.

For a complete home and market analysis, call me at 205-527-1112 and let’s see what your home is worth in todays market.  We’ll also take a look at your competition should you decide that you want to list your home with me.  After all, you’ll want to out do and out smart the competition right?

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