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Charita Cadenhead is a licensed Realtor® in the State of Alabama since 2006, serving the Metro Birmingham market. In 2007, she founded Bham WIiRE (Birmingham Women Investing in Real Estate). Bham WIiRE consisted of women interested in real estate investing, but later the focus expanded to include all women interested in any aspect of the world of real estate. She is co-author of the book “Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price”, and has been featured on She is an avid blogger with nearly 1300 posts to date, including a great number of featured posts.

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Birmingham Home Sellers: Your Listing Has Expired – Now What?

Just Because Your Home Didn’t Sell, Doesn’t Mean That it Won’t Sell I must mention upfront that I’m sure your Birmingham real estate agent marketed your home to the best of their abilities so this is no disrespect to them. However, it may be small things in the efforts of agents that make a big […]

Short Sales DO Sell

Short Sales DO Sell You may have heard talk of short sales before and either you didn’t get a good understanding of what a short sale really is or you simply thought that any effort to sell your home would be fruitless. First for those that are not familiar with short sales:  a short sale is […]

Birmingham Home Sellers: Are You Committed to Selling Your Home?

So You’ve Decided to Sell Your Home This message is for home sellers everywhere, but particularly home sellers in the Metropolitan Birmingham, AL area. Have you decided that you want to sell your home this year?  Or if your previous listing has expired, are you thinking about relisting you home for sale?  If so, please keep […]

Child Care in Hoover Alabama

First Impressions Child Enrichment Center (FICEC) Hoover’s Child Care Solution Conspicuously nestled in the heart of Hoover, Alabama  is the solution to many area families’ daily child care needs.  It’s a friendly place where children go to have fun and play as they learn, enjoying activities that include reading, art, music, math, and science. Happy […]

Bypassing the Home Inspection Could Cost You

If You Think the Home Inspection Cost Too Much Just wait until you get the bill for the repairs (after the closing).  No matter whether I am working with an investor buyer, owner occupant, first time home buyer or buyers that have purchased several homes. I am always going to encourage them to get a […]

Birmingham Investment Properties Under $15,000

[idx-listings linkid=”231602″ count=”40″ showlargerphotos=”true”]       Charita Cadenhead is a licensed Realtor® in the State of Alabama since 2006, serving the Metro Birmingham market.  In 2007, she founded Bham WIiRE (Birmingham Women Investing in Real Estate). Bham WIiRE consisted of women interested in real estate investing, but later the focus expanded to include all women […]

Buying and Selling a Home in Birmingham Alabama: A Question of Affordability

Buying and Selling a Home in Birmingham Alabama: A Question of Affordability. Buying and Selling a Home in Birmingham Alabama: A Question of Affordability Two of the most often asked questions by consumers are: 1.Is now a good time to buy a home and 2.Is now a good time to sell a home Both are excellent […]

Getting the Green Light on Your Home Loan Approval

We Really Need to Know Your Qualifications Upfront It seems that nothings turns off a prospective home buyer faster than being asked the questions:  Have you spoken with a lender yet? For some reason, home buyers become defensive when asked this question which seems a bit odd since they are in the market for a home, […]

Did You Know? By Birmingham Public Library Young Professional Board Member Sabrina Mays

Guest Blogger Sabrina Mays Presents:  Did You Know? When you think of spoken word and beer, there may be a couple of places that come to mind.  For example a smoke filled bar or some other venue where groups of radicals hang out.   Never in a million years would you equate the combination of spoken […]

An Interview With Vicki Salter, Author of The Darklings: Spirit of the Gods

Vicki Salter on Her Recently Published eBook:  The Darklings (Spirit of the Gods). Author Vicki Salter is one of my former property management clients and last week was launch week for her book, The Darklings.  Vicki graciously accepted my invitation for this blog interview to discuss the book and the motivation for it.  I hope […]

Pick Up a Good Book and Your 2012 Tax Forms Too?

 What Do Library Books and Taxes Have in Common? The Answer:  You can get them both at your local Jefferson County Alabama Library.  If you are looking for convenient places to pick up your 2012 income tax forms, your local library is fully stocked.  I’m going to stick my head out on a limb here, […]

Birmingham Alabama Makes the Today Show’s Top 6 Things To Do In 2013

Birmingham Celebrates 50 Years of Civil Rights When it comes the top list of anything good, everyone wants to be in that number.  But when that “Top” list is the city that you live it, you get to share in community pride. Two thousand thirteen marks the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement.  It’s […]

Trusted Advisors in the Home Buying Process

Introducing Your Confidantes Into the Process? It is not uncommon for Birmingham Alabama home buyers to want to have trusted advisers to accompany them on showings.   However, it’s up to the real estate professional do discuss with buyers how this affects the process and what is considered acceptable and customary.  I have definitely experienced […]

Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price!

Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price!   For home sellers everywhere, particularly home sellers in the Metropolitan Birmingham, AL area, “Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price!” contains some of the most widely used and successful strategies to do just what the title suggest.  It takes a highly motivated seller to get their […]

Your Buyer Will Need to Sign The Seller’s Specific Short Sale Addendum

The Short Sale Addendum Even as Birmingham, Alabama short sales continue to be a significant part of the real estate landscape, they are still a mystery to the vast majority of buyers as well as some real estate agents. Off the top, both short sale buyers and short sale sellers should know that there are […]

Things for Kids to Do In Birmingham, Alabama: The McWane Center

A Fun-filled Day at McWane Science Center It seems that I sometimes forget that the McWane Science Center is open on the weekends.   But since I had been posting about things for kids to do around Birmingham Alabama for the Christmas holiday season, The McWane Science Center was fresh on my mind. I took my […]

Be Confident in the Home Buying and Selling Process

Buying & Selling: From Confident & Decisive to Uncertain & Indecisive Have you ever known a person that has always been full of confidence and then suddenly, for what ever reason, they can’t seem to make a decision. We see that a lot in real estate with both home buyers and home sellers.  People who […]

Always Seek Clarification of Real Estate Contracts

Ambiguity Has No Place in a Sales Contract Negotiating offers on the purchase of a home and final contracts are never about what someone told you. Rather’s it’s all about what you’ve gotten in writing. Birmingham home buyers and home sellers should seek clarification of items in writing if the existing language is ambiguous. One […]

Here’s the Skinny on Short Sales, Market Value and List Prices

What You Should Know About Short Sale List Prices and Market Values Short Sale Education First a little short sale education may be in order.  Sometimes even when people think they know what a short sale is, they really want someone who actually knows, to explain it to them.  That’s where I come in. Short […]

You Have Everything Except the Home You Want to Own

So What’s Stopping You From Buying a House When I say you’ve got everything, I mean that you’ve got everything you need to purchase a home.  You’ve got good credit.  You’ve got money in the bank for earnest money, home inspection, appraisal, and sufficient down payment to purchase the home that you’ve been dreaming about. […]

Home for Rent in Fultondale, AL $1150/mo

Live in the Serenity of the Chapel Hills Subdivision in Fultondale, AL This beautiful home located at 428 Enclave Circle in Fultondale, AL has an incredible amount of space.  There is nothing like the beauty of a brick home and here in Chapel Hills, brick homes are a staple of the community.  The master bedroom […]

Wish List for the YWCA Santa’s Workshop of Central Alabama

YWCA Santa’s Workshop Wish List at Amazon and Target Online Reading and having access to books is something that many of us may take for granted. But how about those that may have limited resources and access to the fundamentals of reading.  Well that’s where the YWCA’s Sant’a Workshop comes into the picture.  The YWCA’s Santa’s Workshop […]

3 Bedroom/1 Bath Total Remodeled Home for Rent in Belview Heights

Home for Rent in Belview Heights Total remodel 100% from the front door to the back porch and all points in between.. Primed and painted throughout. Every room in the house has new flooring (either carpet or ceramic tile. The bathroom was totally gutted (including the bathtub) and given a fresh start and whole new […]

Give the Gift of Reading: Benefiting the YMCA’s Santa’s Workshop

Give the Gift of Reading Encouraging a child’s love of reading is one of the greatest gifts that you could give a child.  Even when kids find reading a daunting task, developing that love for reading is a gift that pays tremendous dividends. Barnes and Noble Bookstore and California Pizza Kitchen (The Summit and The […]

Pancakes With Santa at the Birmingham Museum of Art

Pancakes With Santa at the Birmingham Museum of Art That’s right.  You heard me.  Pancakes with Santa at the Birmingham Museum of Art located at 2000 Rev. Abraham Woods Jr., Blvd., Birmingham, AL 35203. For excited little tikes, the only thing that could top this is waking up on Christmas Day and seeing what Santa has left for […]

What to do When Your Birmingham Real Estate Listing Has Expired

Wake Up and Smell the Sold Listings I know discouragement may have set in because your Birmingham real estate listing has expired and there is no buyer prospect in sight (that you know of). When I talk to home owners whose MLS listings have expired, I always ask why they think their home didn’t sell, the answer […]

Sorry This Condo Has Been Rented (December 2012)

Consider this your personal invitation to view this 3rd floor condo with its magnificent mountain view. You’ll love greeting the sunrise each morning and beckon the sunset in the evening. Besides a broadside view of the community pool and mountains, you’ll expecially like the laminate flooring throughout, modern paneled accent walls in the living room and […]

Birmingham Home Buyers Should Make Competitive Offers

The days of buying a Birmingham, Alabama home at 70% of it’s value has long passed.  As a savvy home buyer you need to know that if they’ve set your sights on the home of your dreams, you’dbetter be prepared to make a competitively strong offer.   Many sellers are totally ignoring low-ball offers on a […]

This Pleasant Grove Home Has Been Rented November 2012

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Finished Basement Pleasant Grove, Alabama Home For Rent This home has been rented, but we have more Birmingham homes to rent.  Rented November 2012. Plenty of room here with 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 finished rooms in basement, 2 car garage with space for a workshop (or area), fenced […]

Pride Can Be a Deal Killer When Selling Your Home

It’s hard not to get offended when someone makes an offer that’s so off of the beaten path, that one can’t help but  be offended. Who can blame you for being offended, but here’s the deal:  take offense, calm down, regroup, think rationally and then counter. There now, isn’t that better.  Getting a low ball […]

Protest Jefferson County Annual Property Tax Valuations

Jefferson County has gotten pretty clever.  I’ll bet many of you didn’t even realize that it’s that time of the year to protest your Annual Property Tax Valuations.  You see, if your property taxes didn’t increase, then Jefferson County didn’t mail you an Annual Tax Valuation.  Pretty darn slick wouldn’t you say.  But that doesn’t […]

Sorry. This One Has Been Rented

Move in and have the 4th of July BBQ at your house.  Just a few minor details and and you’ll be ready to share your new address with friends and family. Very nice 2 bedroom, 1 bath home located in the most convenient spot in Midfield. You can walk to everywhere (school, grocery store, Wal-Mart, […]

Homebuyers and the Bidding War

Homebuyers Caught Off Guard by Bidding War That’s the title of an article that I read yesterday on Realtor Magazine online.   Immediately I thought surely their real estate agents have been sending this message with tremendous emphasis.   The fact is that it should not be any surprise and in my opinion “caught off guard”does not accurately […]

Short Sales and the Sound of Music

Attached is Your Short Sale Approval Letter It’s like the sound of Now getting to closing is the last hurdle. Whether you’re looking to buy real estate your sell your existing property, call or send me and email today, so we can discuss how I can best serve your Birmingham-Hoover Metro area real estate needs! Exceptional Service Because You Deserve It! Charita […]

Is a Birmingham Lease With Option to Purchase Right For You?

Lease With Option to Purchase Will the Owner Consider a Lease With an Option to Purchase? This question pops up every now and then.  The single most misunderstood factor with regard to a lease with an option to purchase revolves around the following terms:  security deposit, down payment and lease option payment.  Usually after addressing […]

Birmingham Real Estate Investors Better Bring Your A-Game

Flipping Houses in Birmingham, Alabama If you are planning to flip houses in Birmingham, Alabama you would be well advised to bring your A-Game.  I would highly recommend that you take a look at the work that your competition is doing if you truly plan to compete in today’s market.  The Birmingham real estate investor […]

All Things Considered Price, Location and Condition Will Sell a House Faster Than Anything

Price, Location and Condition The title of this post speaks for itself.  There really is no further explanation needed so this post is going to be quite brief. Birmingham-Hoover Home Sellers There isn’t much you can do about location if you are planning to sell your house .  Hopefully it’s in a prime location.  But […]

You Only Think Paying off Credit Cards Will Help When Buying a House

Paying Off Good Debts Can Work Against You Occasionally I get calls from prospective buyers that are working on their credit.  They say that they are paying off debt so they can purchase a home.  So I ask and who advised that you needed to pay off your credit cards?  With one couple in particular, […]

How Much Will You Take For This House?

Will The Seller Take $XXXXX.00 For This House? I get this a lot. Birmingham home buyers and their birmingham real estate agents will often verbally ask if a seller will accept a certain amount for a home that is listed in the Birmingham MLS. Not to be mean or discouraging, my answer is always the […]

Birmingham Alabama Home Sellers Would You Buy Your House?

An Out of Body Experience May be Needed to Answer This Question This may sound like a funny question, but it’s actually quite serious.  Let me ask it again and this time, I’d like for Birmingham Alabama home sellers to take just a minute to reflect  and then answer it.  Would you buy your house?  […]