About Brian Trippe

Brian is a serial real estate entrepreneur. He began investing in rental property in 2012 and currently holds over 70 rentals. He started a wholesaling company in 2014 that has done over a half-million dollars in wholesale revenue in less than three years. He also founded 205 Realty and is currently active in his role as the president of the Alabama Real Estate Investor Association. He is a real estate investing coach and educator who speaks regularly on real estate investing. You can contact Brian at info@alareia.com or visit him at facebook.com/AlaREIA.

Tips From RE Investor Brian Trippe

5 Things an investor looks for when buying residential properties Everyone wants to be an investor, right? We are living in the golden age of real estate investing. Just look at the most popular shows on television right now. Everyone wants to Flip This House. I don’t know about you, but Pinterest has become a […]