Annual Property Tax Valuations

Well it’s that time of year again. By now property owners have received those pesky little yellow property tax valuation cards in the mail. Hey I don’t blame you for being excited about your $50,000 house being worth $150,000. Heck who wouldn’t be excited?

Good Question

I’m so glad you asked. The people who know full well that their home is not worth $150,000 are the people that aren’t excited. After all, the only real purpose that those tax cards serve is “taxing” you for your property.

Let’s be clear the taxing authority has absolutely no idea what condition your house is in, what it looks like and others like it that have sold. Even worst than that is that old burnt out house next door to you or down the street has probably been assessed the exact same value as your property.

How could that be? Another good question. The Board of Equalization uses it own algorithm to do determine the value of properties in a particular area. It has nothing to do with your specific property or specific comparable sale of homes similar to your own.

AND (capitalized on purpose) since you have not researched, had an appraisal since purchasing your home or enlisted the aid of a real estate professional to analyze comparable sales data, you’ve probably never contested the overpriced valuations. Therefore, year after year, value continues to be tacked on to your already overestimated value.

Am I making sense? So what do you do to ensure the proper valuation of your home? Boy I tell you, you are on a roll with these awesome questions. One option is to have your property appraised. Another option is you can hire a Realtor® to do a comparable sales analysis and prepare a justification to present or have you to present to the Board of Equalization. Best case scenario, your property tax will be reduced (which again has absolutely nothing to do with the real market value declared on your tax valuation card. You’ll save money and rightly so and it will not affect the market value or sales price of your home should you decide to sell. BECAUSE unlike the Board of Equalization, appraisers actually establish the value of your home.

Send me a message if you have questions. I’ll be glad to bring some understanding where needed.

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