An Interview With Vicki Salter, Author of The Darklings: Spirit of the Gods

Vicki Salter on Her Recently Published eBook:  The Darklings (Spirit of the Gods).

Vicki Salter The DarklingsAuthor Vicki Salter is one of my former property management clients and last week was launch week for her book, The Darklings.  Vicki graciously accepted my invitation for this blog interview to discuss the book and the motivation for it.  I hope that you’ll be encouraged to buy the book.

Charita:  First let’s talk about writing.  You obviously have a love for writing.  When did you first realize this?

Vicki:  When I was a kid!  I loved to read and I had  a voracious  appetite for science  fiction, I thought it was a great genre. It took me to far away places, and I learned  about life and love and other worlds. I was 8 years old when I  I read The War of The Worlds by H. G Wells, followed by The Invisible Man those were fabulous reads when I was a kid and classics today.
Charita:  Prior to publishing The Darklings, did you have any other published works (not necessarily books)?
Vicki:  No I have never had any of my writings published, nothing other than my blog which can be found on WordPress or  through Facebook. I usually post something once a week.  Since I’ve started to take my writing seriously and with the invention of the e-reader, publishing is more simplified making the writing market a lot more crowded.
Charita:  Is this your first book?
Vicki:  Yes, The Darklings is my very first book but definitely not my last, the Darklings ends in a little  cliffhanger.It is part of a trilogy. Hopefully my readers will anticipate the next book  then also read the last. The trilogy slowly moves from high fantasy to urban fantasy.
High fantasy genre  are books like the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit. It deals with fantasy worlds where ancient gods always interfered with ancient man and magic is common place and so are  battles against good and evil, characters may include elves, dragons, fairies or witches.
Charita:    How did you come up with that name?
Vicki:  I have a very fanciful, creative  nature. I like to make up names and I like to create worlds. Although at the time I did not know there were so many books called The Darkling on the market already.
Charita:  Tell us about the storyline.
Vicki:  The Darklings is a dark high fantasy novella about a story from the beginning of time when ancient gods and mythology were a normal advent in literature.
This story is about a young human child named Samael.  One day an angel kidnaps Samael from his father and takes him into another realm called Celestros. There he is nurtured, befriended and trained until adulthood to become a warrior.  After he is trained he is embedded with the spirits of the gods, making him invulnerable.   He is unknowingly discharged to earth and not told what his assignment is about.  While he is on earth Samael is faced with several challenges. This story is about how those challenges are dealt with by Samael.
Charita:  Is there a specific audience for The Darklings?  Or is this a book that you believe everyone will enjoy?
Vicki: Yes, it is very specific.  No  not everyone will enjoy this book. The audience for the Darklings is very specific;  the genre of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror are not main stream. Although there are more books, tv shows and movies than ever that features this genre.
Charita:   I don’t want you to give away any secrets, but is this book the start of a sequel?
Vicki:  Yes a sequel is more than ¾ finished. The story starts as another high fantasy then gradually transitions to urban fantasy. What I mean is it start with ancient gods and angels but ends with more current here and now events.
Charita:  So what’s next for Vicki Salter in the literary world?
Vicki:  I just want to continue writing. It’s a way of life for me now. My father, Frank Salter wrote a lot of stories and poetry.  One day I will either publish his stories or incorporate some of his work with my own.
Charita:  Before we wrap it up, tell me where people can get a copy of the book.

: The book is new and  relatively hard to find, but looking up my name,  (Vicki Salter)  will lead straight to the page and it has a short sample of the book.  The Darklings can be purchased (sic) on Amazon, iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes and Nobles, Copia, E-book Pie, Gardner’s e Bookstore, and Bakers and Taylor’s.
It should also be noted that it can only be downloaded through a Kindle , Nook or any Smart phone. I know Kindle and iBookstore offers free e-reader downloads so you can view it on your computer or smartphone,  they make it easy to buy books. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep reading on my smartphone in the dark.
I want to thank Vicki again for agreeing to let me post this on my blog.  I you are a fan of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal or horror, please check out the book. It’s only $3.99 on Amazon and as Vicki mention, it can only be downloaded on your Kindle, Nook or any Smartphone.

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