Always Seek Clarification of Real Estate Contracts

Ambiguity Has No Place in a Sales Contract

Ambiguous Real Estate ContractsNegotiating offers on the purchase of a home and final contracts are never about what someone told you. Rather’s it’s all about what you’ve gotten in writing. Birmingham home buyers and home sellers should seek clarification of items in writing if the existing language is ambiguous. One of the first things we learn when it comes to communication is to clarify your understanding of something by repeating it back to the speaker. For example, you might say to the speaker “so if I hear you correctly, you mean that …….. ”  Although the above reference is common in oral communication, it can be replicated in writing as well when it comes to real estate sales contracts. This is particularly true when it comes to bank owned properties and new construction contracts since the contract language is robust in legaleze (which by nature is akin to a foreign language).

Better to Ask or Seek Advice
If you are not comfortable with the terms or the language of the contract, you may want to seek legal advice for your own protection. If something just does not set well with you, seek clarification until you get it in writing or continue to negotiate or renegotiate if necessary. In your zeal to become a homeowner or to sell a home, don’t be in such a hurry to commit to something that can have long lasting and undesirable consequences. And finally, be sure to get a copy of every document that you sign including all offers and counter offers. Your agent should always give you a copy of everything. If they don’t, then ask for it. This is not to say that your real estate agent is not doing a fine job, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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