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Sell Your Home Fast

Birmingham Home Sellers: Are You Committed to Selling Your Home?

So You've Decided to Sell Your Home This message is for home sellers everywhere, but particularly home sellers in the Metropolitan Birmingham, AL area. Have you decided that you want to sell your home this year?  Or if your previous listing has expired, are you thinking about relisting you home for sale?  If so, please keep reading. Selling a home is a big deal.  It demands a commitment … [Read More...]

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Getting Around to Those Much Needed Updates

You Just Never Know When You'll Want or Need to Sell Your House Who knew that just 6 short years ago, that the state of real estate would be in such turmoil.  Homeowners were happily nestled in their current homes.  Then out of nowhere (or so it seemed), they were faced with homes they couldn't afford to keep and owed too much on them to sell.  What to do? What to do? Short selling a home … [Read More...]


Which Comes First the Realtor or the Lender?

Which Comes First the Realtor or the Lender? This is a question that often runs through the minds of prospective home buyers.   I would recommend that prospective home buyers contact a Realtor® first.  I image that my answers comes as no surprise to you, but let me tell you why I say that. Throughout the entire home buying process, you will deal will many people and companies including but not … [Read More...]


$10,000 Price Reduction: 5265 Rosemary Road, Mt. Olive AL Now Only $269,000

Highly Motivated Sellers $10,900 Price Reduction Just In Time for Christmas Overview Maps Photos Description  $269,000 Single Family Home Main Features 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Partial Bathroom Interior: 1,872 sqft Location 5265 Rosemary Road Mt. Olive, AL 35117 USA Charita H … [Read More...]


$89,900 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home for Sale in Forestdale, Alabama

Looking for a Home to Purchase in the Forestdale Area Best Buy in the Forestdale Area, Hands Down Overview Maps Photos Description  $89,900 Single Family Home Main Features 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Interior: 1,626 sqft Location 1627 Shady Lane Birmingham, AL 35214 USA Charita H … [Read More...]

Homebuyng: What’s Important The House or the Seller’s Decorative Taste?

What's Important:  The House or the Seller's Decorative Taste? When looking for a Metropolitan Birmingham home to purchase, it's important to remember that the sellers decorative style may be vastly different from your own.  Therefore be prepared to not get caught up in cosmetic and focus on the structure and layout itself. When touring homes you'll find homes that are beautifully decorated … [Read More...]

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Pending and Contingent Sales in Gardendale Alabama

Who Wants to Live in Gardendale, Alabama? Well I don't really get that exact question, but people do ask "how are home sales in Gardendale?" so I thought I'd show rather than tell. As of today, September 4, 2013, it looks like a total of 27 people (or families) want to live in Gardendale, Alabama.  How do I know, well based on the chart below, there are currently 16 pending contracts and 11 … [Read More...]

Dear Unrepresented Seller a.k.a. For Sale by Owner

Dear Unrepresented Seller, I can appreciate your desire to sell your home yourself in an attempt to save money.  Lord knows we could all be a little more thrifty.  I also understand that you believe that we Realtors® don't do much more than you can do yourself.  So much so that you can do it yourself right?  While you may get your home sold, it's usually not until after the fact that you … [Read More...]

Time And Money

Is There Such a Thing as Timing the Real Estate Market?

Can You Really Time the Market? According to a Realtor Mag online article, prospective home buyers and still at bay about stepping out a buying a home.  The article suggest that prospective home buyers are attempting to "time the market" for the perfect time to buy a home. What is Timing the Market? For clarification sake, "timing the market" simply means that one is attempting to wait … [Read More...]

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What Did They Use This Room For?

Imagination is Imperative in the Home Buying Process What Did They Use This Room For? That is a question that we real estate agents get a lot while viewing vacant homes with home buyers.  However, the fact is that unless we had seen the home while someone was living in it, we really don't have a clue how a previous home dweller used a particular room. The Real Question Is What Uses Can You Think … [Read More...]

820 Martinwood Road

Just Listed Huffman Home for Sale: Two Living Spaces for the Price of One

Home for Sale in Huffman:  820 Martinwood Road Just looking at this home, you wouldn't think that it has 2 living spaces in 1. This unassuming  house in the Huffman community holds a surprise inside. Check out the photos of this great home.  The upstairs house has 3 bedrooms & 1 bath. One of the bedrooms is now being used as a den, but you can use it whichever way meets your needs. For the … [Read More...]