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Birmingham Home Sellers: Are You Committed to Selling Your Home?

So You've Decided to Sell Your Home This message is for home sellers everywhere, but particularly home sellers in the Metropolitan Birmingham, AL area. Have you decided that you want to sell your home this year?  Or if your previous listing has expired, are you thinking about relisting you home for sale?  If so, please keep reading.Selling a home is a big deal.  It demands a commitment … [Read More...]

Duck, Duck, Duck

Oh so you've never heard of this game. Well I'm not surprised. Up until now, people have thought that Duck, Duck, Goose was the only game in town. But let me tell you, when it comes time to buying a home in Birmingham Alabama, it's no game and you've got to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row. Don't let your goal of buying a Birmingham home be thwarted by a goose. Thinking … [Read More...]

Fresh Start, New City: The Birmingham Job Search Edition

Fresh Start, New City: The Birmingham Job Search Edition By Sydney Frazer This article was originally posted on the Renew Refresh Reset Your Life blog, but has been slightly modified for posting here.  I want to thank Sydney Frazer for providing all of the useful information below. ~ Charita H. Cadenhead I have rounded up some of the most relevant information - from the Birmingham labor … [Read More...]

Investment Property in 35228 for $15,000 (SOLD – $17,500)

6101 Owen Street Birmingham AL 35228 This investment property is well priced at just $15,000 based on size, location, condition and recent sales of similar properties.  You won't find a better bargain in the area for a property in this condition. Don't take my word for it, contact me or your agent to set up a showing.     … [Read More...]

Tips From RE Investor Brian Trippe

5 Things an investor looks for when buying residential properties Everyone wants to be an investor, right? We are living in the golden age of real estate investing. Just look at the most popular shows on television right now. Everyone wants to Flip This House. I don’t know about you, but Pinterest has become a staple in our household, looking at trendy granite, tile and fixtures. Checking … [Read More...]

You’re Pre-qualified to Buy a Home

How do You Know If You Don't Inquire? I meet so many homebuyers and potential homebuyers that don't believe that they can qualify to buy a house.  In some cases, they absolutely are in no position to purchase.  However, you have those potential buyers that are making assumptions that just aren't true.  Some examples are: I can't afford to buy a home.  That may be based on a faulty belief … [Read More...]

The Myth: Selling During the Holiday Season

Why List Your Home During the Holiday? The number 1 reason to list and keep your house on the market during the holiday season is because there is likely to be less competition.  You see people have believed the myth that having a home on the market during the holidays is a bad time of the year to sell. They reason that few people are looking for homes during the holiday.  Where they got that … [Read More...]

Congrats to My First Time Homebuyer

First Time Homebuyer I want to thank my client, Mrs. Harris so much for her determination, decisiveness and cooperation. She was an absolute a dream client. She knew from the very beginning which house she wanted and even though we looked at a few, she refused to keep looking because as I said, she knew which house she wanted and two weeks later we closed.  How awesome is that and how … [Read More...]

Homebuying 101: Where to Start

Home Buying:  What do I do First One of the first things that first-time home buyers often say to me is "I've been thinking about buying a home for a while but I didn't know where to start."  I feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world when I hear those words.  Not because it may mean a commission for me, but because I feel fortunate that I'll have the opportunity to guide someone … [Read More...]


Have You Spoken With a Lender Yet? It’s Not a Trick Question.

Connection With a Lender is a Key First Step Have You Spoken With a Lender Yet?  It's Not a Trick Question. It seems that nothing turns off a prospective home buyer faster than being asked the question:  Have you spoken with a lender yet? For some reason, home buyers become defensive when real estate agents ask this question which seems a bit odd since the prospective buyer is in … [Read More...]

Foreclosure Sales Then and Now

2013 vs 2015 Foreclosure Sales What a difference 2 years makes.  In 2013 both owner occupant homebuyers and real estate investors had the cream of the foreclosure sales crop to choose from. The foreclosure landscape has seen a dramatic decrease since 2013. Today not only are foreclosure prices listed closer to market value, homebuyers are realizing that they aren't that great deal that … [Read More...]

Staging for the Sale of Your Home

Staging for the Buyer Not the Seller One of the biggest mistakes that a seller can make when it comes to staging their home for sell is to stage it for their own personal taste instead of staging the house for potential buyers.  In order to help frame this concept, here are two things that may aid in putting this into perspective: Homeowners decorate their homes to their taste for their … [Read More...]